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Tuesday, September 8, 2009


OK Ladies...finally some GOOD NEWS! They called about 20 minutes ago..he got it!! He will start tomorrow and he will work from 3 to 7 pm mon.-friday. Yeah...it's part-time..but he's in. Now when a full time position comes available he'll be able to apply first. He can still work during the day for the guy he works for now. And, they said he could sub during the winter for ball games and during the day shift if he was able to. Such great news! It will be a big help. That and he won't be gone all night long either..the other shift that was open had been 10-2 am...Yikes. It would have been really hard on him to work in the middle of the night...and then work the next morning. He's done it while subbing...but its hard on him.
That's all for now!! I'm relieved...and happy. Village prayers were answered :)
With Love, Jerelene


Eileen said...

Jerelene, when I saw the "YEAH" by your blog name on my sidebar I was so hoping this is what I was going to read!!
I'm so happy for you, for your husband, for your family!
And I'm saying many prayers of Thanksgiving with you!
God Bless!
Love and Prayers,

Anonymous said...

Happy day!!!!
Happy Day!!!
Thank you, God for answered prayer!!!!
Sweet dreams, Jerelene!!!
P.S. I'm hitting my knees again tonight.... Thank you, God!!!!

Jerelene said...

Thanks you guys...your enthusiasm and kindness really moves me!! I'm thanking God too...and you guys for all your prayers!!
Love to all of you!!

Diana said...

Thank you Lord for your generosity.

Sleep well tonight Jerelene!

Love Di

Bernie said...

I had just commented on your last post then went to Jackie's blog and when I came back to my dashboard I immediately saw Yeah and I knew right away it had to be about the job....I am so happy for you and your family Jerelene...all our prayers have been answered now we just have to get you better...
I am just feeling so happy right now for all of you.....Hugs

Jerelene said...

Thanks so much everyone!! I think I will sleep tonight...a good sleep too!! I appreciate all of you...everyone of you..being so sweet and good to me!! Love to All of you!!!!!!

Wanda said...

Good morning Jerelene...
That was such good news to sleep on...and hope your ear is doing better today too!

Take care,

Rebecca. Harlan, IN said...

Hallelujah! It is SO encouraging to get this news! "

Keep it coming, Heavenly Father! Above all, keep us trusting in You while we keep doing our best to do what we can with what we have where we are with ALL our hearts!" Amen

Blessings each day said...

Beautiful, wonderful and awesome news!!! Hope you had a super restful and happy sleep.

How is your ear doing?...have been praying about it!

blessings and happy hugs,