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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

An Update...

Hi Everyone! I have the sweetest friends ever! You guys are so thoughtful :) I am feeling a tad bit better today.. And I do mean tad :) The pain has lessened some..but is still there. I cannot hear at all out of my right ear. Everytime this happens I really freak out because Meniers tends to leave people deaf. So, I get really freaked out when I can't hear at all out of it. That and it kind of makes me nauseous and dizzy too...which goes along with the meniers too. The (NICE) doctor at the ER suggested I be updated on my tetanus shot and so they kindly gave me a DTP..which covers not only the tetanus, but diptheria and pertussis as well. So now, not only is my ear still hurting...my arm is too :( I'm sort of laughing as I type this...because..it's pathetic...I'm so tired of feeling cruddy. I just want this to be over and I'll feel like a new person!
I wasn't too happy about my visit to the ER. Last time I had trouble like this..I ended up at the ER. I know it took about a week to get over it last time. Longer than that before I could hear at all...but the Doctor last time was much nice to me. They sent a doctor in at first...then moved me to another room and made me wait even longer...it was almost 3 hrs before I got any pain medicine...they didn't give it to me until they were giving me my papers to leave. That and even though I was wearing a bracelet for allergies....they still tried to give me pain medicine with acetominophen in it. I sat there and told the nurse when she brought me a pain pill..that "I can't have tylenol...does this have tylenol in it?" So then she went out and came back and said ...Oh gosh...they said at the pharmacy that it DOES...they're sending something else up...Good grief..and they did this to me the last time too! Only the doctor was nice enough to give me a pain shot and numbing ear drops fairly soon after I got there. Not this time...they sent me back a nurse practitioner and no shot or pain drops either. I still am pretty disgusted. They even gave me a script for the same pain medicine that I told the doctors I already had here and wasn't helping! I think once I feel a little better that I'm going to complain. They usually send a patient survey to the house...at least they did last time..That or they call. I definately have something to say this time :(
On to something else...The school board meeting is tonight! I hope it goes better this time :) We will definately know something for sure later this evening...probably after 8:00. Keep the prayers going up ladies!! I will try to make a quick post and let everyone know what we find out :) We still don't have a phone. Evidentally they had widespread electrical damage...The lightning actually hit very, very close to the house several times. And the whole top of the neighbor ladies tree was jammed in the ground. It was SCARY!! It's not really open area here..but lots of big old trees. Our tv's are still messed up too :( It's wierd but someone said take a magnet and run over the screens. It helped some..but the corners and edges are still wierd looking..boo-hoo...
I better go for now. My ear is now itching way down inside. I'm wondering if i'm allergic to the wick they put down in it or if that means it's trying to heal. It's sure wierd to hurt and itch...I am praying for a quick healing :) I've been keeping myself busy reading quilting books :)
Thanks so much for all the prayers and sweet comments! I love All of you so much!!
Talk to you soon!
With Love, Jerelene


Rebecca. Harlan, IN said...

I'm here - even if I didn't get the LAST post about the turn for the worse in your health. I'm so sorry. When it rains, it pours, doesn't it! You've really had it. Hope the news from the school board turns it all around! I think it's about time our household had some stuff to celebrate!

Diana said...

Alright Jerelene, enough of this being sick crap I miss you ! But I am happy that you are keeping us informed. That storm sounded really scary, hope your t.v.'s get well too. My husband used to go around unplugging everything when we lived in the country.
I'm anxious to hear what happens with your husband and will still keep praying Jerelene.
But please get over the ear thing already!!!!!
Love Di

Bernie said...

So happy to hear you are feeling a bit better....I use holy water on all my windows and doors when the storms are really bad...I know it's kind of quirky but that's what my mom always did....I also unplugg everything, I only started doing these things after my husband passed and I've been on my own. Hope you get ALL better soon and I am still praying for that school position for your husband.
Take care......:-) Hugs