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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Pen Pals...

I'm just wondering if everyone wants to pen pal again this month? If everyone could let me know a yes...I'll just pick names for everyone and post it tomorrow :) I'm hoping that you all want to do it again. It's such a nice way to send love and hugs to each other!!
I've been busy this weekend playing with my sewing machine, cutting fabrics, and quilting...I will try to post some pictures tomorrow!
I hope you all have been having a wonderful weekend!!!
Some pics tomorrow!!
(Yes...I'm feeling better...I can finally hear :)
Love and Hugs to all of you!!!
Jerelene :)


Bernie said...

Jerlene, I am not sure what we do to be a pen pal, someone explain it to me and I would love to be a part of it. So you can count me in.
So glad you are feeling better.

Eileen said...

Yes, Jerelene, I'll pen-pal again!
I'm happy to do that as I'm not sure how much I'll be able to post on my blog. I thought I'd have so much time with Jayden going to school full time, but I'm thinking of doing some volunteer work those hours, so I'll have to see. But the pen-pal will be a nice way to keep in touch!
And I'm glad you're getting to some of the projects you've wanted to do.
I'd love to see pictures!
You have my address and my email, so just let me know who I write to this month. I have a few addresses but not everyone's.
Thanks for doing this!
Love you, Eileen

Blessings each day said...

You know I'm in Jerelene because Jerelene ideas are just wonderful!

Jerelene, I sure wish God had not broken the mold when He made you as we need so many more to be like you!

blessings and huggy hugs,


Rebecca. Harlan, IN said...

Can't wait to see your quilting projects! I'm glad you can hear again :)

Diana said...

Hi Jerelene, You know I love to pen pal. And if Bernie reads this , we just write a little letter or note to someone via snail mail! It's more fun than getting the next power bill in the mail!
Love Di

Bernie said...

Thanks Di, I can do that, it sounds like fun....:-) Hugs

Linda Higgins said...

Where do we post our address and how do we get someone else address and e-mail? I have found that not everyone has put their e-mail address on their blog in their profile..very easy to do...I wasn't in on the last one but would love to join the village in this pen pal-ing.:)

Jackie said...

Jerelene...I posted on a later post...Yes, I'd love to continue on the pen pal list.
Hugs and love,