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Saturday, April 4, 2009

10 Wierd (Maybe) Things about me....

I thought I would do something a little different..One of my friends on facebook did something like this, but it was much more than 10. Too much for me!
1. I vacuum every day. Yeah, I know...(it's an OCD issue) I just can't help myself. :)
2. I love the color purple, (not the movie) the actual color!! It's also my birthstone (amethyst)
When I was a little girl..my carpet and walls were purple. I've never outgrown my love for
it; but I try to stick to clothes and jewelry :)
3. I love cows!! I collect them... no not real ones! I've collected them since my kids were small and it's something I still love. I am a little more selective now though.
4. When I was a teenager I wanted to be a missionary. (I'm not kidding) I guess I didn't realize
that it was probably hot and dangerous. So, instead I married and had my babies. I still
think about what it would have been like though.. Now I think I would love to be a librarian.
I just love the library...cool, quiet, peaceful and full of books!!
5. I am a sweets-a-holic. I love to bake them. I also love to eat them. I am not picky either!
Cookies, pies, cakes...I love them all....especially chocolate! Also, I would love to take a
cake decorating class. (This explains the more to love of me)...again.. I can't seem to help myself! :)
6. Also, I drink a lot of coffee. I love all the yummy flavored creamers. (this also contributes to
the more to love.) The exception would be that during extremely hot weather I switch to iced
coffee and peach iced tea!!
7. I play violin and piano. I toured Europe and played in Notre Dame when I was 16. I was ac-
cepted to play with and orchestra that played all over Europe. We also played in Carnegie
Hall. I played with other teenagers from all over the United States. It was the experience of
a lifetime. I would love to learn to play cello. My youngest has been showing some interest in
the cello as well. I still play some...but not as much. I stay so busy taking care of everyone
else that it has fallen to the wayside to some extent. But, music is still very, very important
to me and I have passed that love on to my children as well.
8. I absolutely LOVE and adore babies!! I definately, would probably have had more if I could
have. It's not something that has went away for me. I guess at this point..I look forward to
grandbabies...Man are they going to be spoiled!!!
9. My Mom is my best friend!! She really is...I would have to say it would be embarrasing to
admit how many times a day I talk to her. I shudder to think what it would be like for her
not to be there for me! LOVE YOU MOM!!!!
10. I love Jesus with all my heart!! I am so thankful that he died on the cross for ME!!!! I
constantly am reminded of his love for me by all the beautiful things that I see...the clouds,
the sky, animals, trees, flowers...and especially my family and friends!!! THANK YOU JESUS!!

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Blessings each day said...

I tried to leave comments a couple of days ago, but my crazy keyboard was not responding (it does this randomly, approximately every 20 th time I get on line), but I am awe struck by your musical talents!! wish I could hear you...I almost learned to play the piano, but the YMCA was in a bad neighborhood and my mom wouldn't let me continue after one lesson, but boy I can play a one handed (only 2 lines, though)"Music is for boy and girls"!
blessings to you, marcy