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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Charlotte Mason and Puppy Pics!!

I've been looking a lot lately at Ambleside Online. I really want to go more with the Charlotte Mason type homeschooling. It's hard making a decision to change what we've been using. Sam has been using mostly Abeka and Switched on Schoolhouse for Math. We will stick with the math we've been using. I love the idea of doing narration and reading poetry. Some of which we've been doing a little of this year. Kind of testing the waters you might say. I guess this time of year, at least for me is when I try to make decisions for what we'll be doing next year. I was sick the week of the homeschool convention and didn't get to go. :( Well, on a lighter note..
Our puppy Mickey has kind of fallen in love with a cottage cheese bowl. Yes!! You heard me right! He retrieved an empty cottage cheese bowl from the trash and now carries it everywhere and sleeps with it!! It's pretty hilarious.) I thought I'd share some pictures of the adorable dogs at my house. The one of Mickey yawning for some reason looks like he has his dog tags pierced through his tongue. I promise you it's not!! He does have a really long tongue though. Kind of like one of those squeezie toys. He's been losing his baby teeth and yes, the toothfairy did make a visit. Yes, we love our dogs! (I'll just blame it on spring fever!)

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Blessings each day said...

How absolutely darling...how old is your puppy and when and where did you get him?

Pls spoil the living daylights out of those fur babies as it does my heart good to hear that!