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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Hello! sniffles, new friends, knitting and pen pals :)

Hello to everyone!
It has been so busy around here. We've had sickness and all kinds of troubles...toilets not working, roof leaking, heater not working...it's been crazy and seems to continue with this trend. My Dad came and fixed the heater...so that's one down and a big THANK YOU to my dear Dad :)
Sam was sick with a head cold...and Mark too. Both of the girls had sniffles too. I had a little sniffly nose, but mostly just aching neck and sore throat. My neck always hurts me...but when I'm sick..it's really sore. It seems to settle in my neck when I'm ill. I'm feeling better and so is everyone else...still some sniffling but everyones better. I still have to worry about Sam though. He tends to go into sinus infections frequently after being sick..I'm hoping we'll sail through this time...:)
My oldest daughter works at one of the local nursing homes. I had been wanting to do some kind of volunteer work or just something helpful...(community service type stuff)with Sam. After she had started working there, it came to mind that maybe Sam and I could adopt a grandparent. Now...we're not really calling it that to her...but I went in and asked and Elizabeth and the nurses found the sweested lady for us :) Her name is Barb and she only has one relative that lives states away. She doesn't get much as far as visitors...but she is really sweet. She sales Avon to the people in the nursing home. When Elizabeth went in and asked her if she might like some new friends and told her about Sam...she got very excited. She wanted to know his name and how old and when were we coming...Sam is extremely excited as well. I understand that her room mate is very sweet too, so we may be making some new friend(s)..There is couple of sweet gentleman there too. One is a veteran and he and his room mate always talk to Elizabeth and are very kind too. I am hoping Sam gets the chance to talk to them too. Oh the stories that they could tell. The stories my Grandma used to tell me were just so wonderful!!
I just want Sam to be very well rounded person and be able to be around our lovely senior citizens there and not be afraid. He has a lot to offer them...and I know they have a lot to offer him too.
They have a grand piano there and have told me that I can come play anytime...I'm hoping Sam and I can play violin and cello for them too. I think that will be good for him :)
I've asked about joining our local homemakers extension group. It's something I've wanted to find out about for a long time. They've had an exhibit up at the library and today, at the library, I was knitting while Sam did his work...and a gentleman came up and started talking to me about his wife knitting and that she was in the homemakers extension group. I couldn't believe it! Talk about being in the right place at the right time. I gave him my name and number and he said his wife would call me and talk to me about it...I am so excited!!
I talked to one of the librarians that knit a lot...about doing a knitting class with her...I suggested teaching the basic knit stitch and using chunky yarn and needles and making scarves as Christmas presents. She loved the idea..so I'm hoping that we'll be doing that. The last time she had a class...Sam and I both went. (Sam can do the knit stitch...he actually made a scarf for himself!) As you can tell....I'm sure trying to keep myself busy....Is there a saying like..a busy heart is a happy heart? I'm definately trying:)
Could all my sweet pen-palers let me know if they've sent their partner a card? If they could let me know...I would appreciate it so much :)
I hope everyone's week has been a good one...
Tomorrow is co-op for Sam...a busy day ahead!
I've been trying to make my rounds to everyone...and I think I'm not getting everyone...if I've missed you...I'll come see you this weekend...I'll be thinking about you too! Would you believe it's raining here again? ARGHHH.....
Hugs to everyone....sorry no pics....I'll try to post some pictures this weekend...
With Love, Jerelene


mysteryhistorymom said...

Oh my! You have been busy, Sweets! Busy blessing people all around you.:) I did get your e-mail but have not written yet. I will get on that and soon! I am getting ready for our Halloween party this weekend. After that I will be able to breathe for a bit. I wish I could come over so you could teach me how to knit. I want to learn so badly... Love ya, Cutie! Lori

Teacher's Pet said...

What a wonderful idea for you and Sam to go to the nursing home...playing the piano and the cello...knitting...making new friends. I'm happy for you, Jerelene.
I hope that everyone in your house is on the mend soon. That grungy ole bug is going around everywhere.
I have sent my pen pal cards. You are sweet to keep up with this, Jerelene. It is a great idea...and I thank you for keeping it organized for us (especially for me!!...I need much help in that department.)
Take care of you, my friend.

Rebecca said...

I've missed you! I can see that you've had plenty on your "plate".

It sounds like you have some good plans and plenty of activities to keep you (and Sam) busy! I know the blessings will flow both ways when you spend time with the residents in the nursing home!

Just be sure to keep some "margins" in your life. Every wonderful activity that you add to your schedule draws emotional and mental energy from you as well as physical.

I believe that when emotional, mental and physical reserves are depleted, we are more prone to illness & unnatural fatigue. These lead to neglect or forgetfulness of day to day maintenance chores and errors in judgment that have yet MORE negative consequences.

Now I sound preachy :( Forgive me. I can sense your good heart and holy intentions and only want them to continue and flourish.

Blessings each day said...

You have some wonderful projects planned, Jerelene and I believe they will flourish. If all of them get hectic remember to take care of you and prioritize what you want to do most of all so that you don't get worn out from it all!

I have sent two cards to my pen pal this month.

Does massaging your neck help or is this a problem that you've had for a long, long time?

Wish you could video your music playing so everyone could enjoy it in blogland! YOur idea for playing at the nursing home is right on target as it has proven to make people feel so much better.

blessings and happy hugs,


p.s. Will pray that everyone is on the mend!

Terrie said...

Jerelene, I am glad to hear that everyone is feeling better. It's hard when the whole family is down like that. I am so excited to hear more about your's and Sam's experience with your "adopt a grandparent". What an awesome experience for all and you're right; "Oh the stories you could hear". I'm a little jealous. My parents (particularly my dad) rarely talked about their childhood.

I have a question for you. I crochet but I don't knit. As you know, I have an online store where I sell my doll clothes and would love to be able to offer some knitted sweaters for these dolls. Would you be interested? We could post your items on my site and you would get the full amount of what you would charge. Let me know if you think this is something you would consider.


Sniffles and Smiles said...


I'm so sorry to hear you've been so under the weather...and so sorry about your pain in your neck!!! I'll be praying for a continuing,speedy recovery for you all!!! Wow! You are amazingly talented!!! I think crocheting is very difficult, but oh, the beautiful product that results!!!! My grandmother crocheted, and I always admired her beautiful work!!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!! Love to you and yours, Janine Xo

Diana said...

Hi Jerelene,
I hope this finds you on the mend. I haven't been able to do my pen pal yet as things have been pretty busy around here as I'm sure you know. I will try soon.
Love Di

Eileen said...

Jerelene, I'm sorry you've had so much going on and I'm sorry everyone hasn't been feeling well. I hope everyone is on the mend and that all gets right with things in your house too! So great to have your helpful Dad around!
I'll say a prayer that things straighten out for you and yours.

I love hearing about all your plans, I think it's great about the volunteer work, and I think it's especially wonderful to do it in a nursing home, I know those dear ones get mighty lonely sometimes. It was very sad when my parents were in nursing homes to see that so many patients had no visitors at all. You and Sam are doing a wonderful thing, you are going to enrich their lives so much! And such a great character-builder for Sam too. Beautiful, Jerelene!
They are making it very hard to volunteer here near where I live, you have to be a 'certified' volunteer now! Even at Jayden's school! I can understand that they want to keep patients and school children safe but I think it's ridiculous that you can't be a parent volunteer or even go on a class trip as a chaperon unless you have gone to classes and gotten your certification!

Great news about the crocheting too! I hope all your plans work out! But you will be very busy when they do! Good for you!

Feel better!
Love to you,
PS ~ Your beautiful card was waiting for me when I got home! Thank you! I just had Ellie mail out another one to you this morning on her way to work, I hope you get it before Halloween!

AllyJo said...

How are you feeling?