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Monday, October 5, 2009

A sweet surprise!

Hello! It has been a pretty week here so far ...the temperature has been cool and we actually hit 40 degrees last night! I got the nicest surprise in the mail today. My sweet pen-pal for the month...Linda at Linda Lu's Been There Done That....didn't just send me a card...she sent a sweet little cow card (sorry it's a blurry pic )and.......
She sent me a cute little plaque......I LOVE what it says...I have been so blessed by having such sweet friends as all the villagers are :) and Linda....you are a blessing to me and I appreciate your friendship and kindness so much!! She actually cheated a little...she was only suppose to send a card...but I forgive her :) Thank You so Much!! For all the villagers that have Linda in their thoughts and prayers for her surgery...I actually spoke to her on the phone this evening. She seems to be doing well and is home recovering. I'll let her give everyone the details herself when she is feeling better and posts...but I asked if she would mind me telling everyone that I had talked to her and she said to tell everyone that she is doing well and appreciates all the thoughts and prayers....She is such a sweetie and I enjoyed talking with her so much!!
And she sent Sam these adorable Halloween decorations....Aren't they sweet? And they're sparkly too!! Sam was so surprised when he realized that they were for him...He loves them!!
It was so nice of her to think of Sam :)
I took a walk out in the yard yesterday and took a few pics. This is our Maple (I think it's a Maple) tree...It was the prettiest tree in the yard last fall. I am looking forward to seeing it in it's full glory :)
Mark's fall garden....cabbage, broccolli and he planted radishes and turnips too..You can tell we had a lot of rain over the last week or so......
And this is something that really makes me happy. Sam and I had planted Morning Glory seeds in jiffy pots in the spring. This Morning Glory plant is growing around the bottom of my old wind mill. I had just about given up all hope of it blooming. I happened to look out the kitchen window and low and behold.....I saw the most beautiful blue glow.....I quickly ran outside and proceeded to cheer and bellow like a child...I had really wanted to see this and had thought I wasn't going to get to....There seems to be a few more blooms coming on so I am very thankful. They are just so beautiful and exciting to see!! Isn't she pretty?

I'm hoping to maybe try to get names together again before Halloween for the pen-palers...if everyone would like that. I think it would be a lot of fun to send Halloween cards...what would everyone think about that? Just leave a comment and let me know :) I've been thinking about each and every one of you. You are in my thoughts and prayers daily and I feel so lucky to have such sweet friends as you!!
Across the miles though far apart, God's love joins us heart to heart.
With Love, Jerelene


Teacher's Pet said...

How wonderful, Jerelene!!
I'm glad that you were able to talk with Linda...and I hope that you tell her the next time you talk with her that we have been thinking of her and praying for her...and celebrating the great news.
The gifts she sent are great! I know that you will treasure each one.
Smiles from Jackie

Wanda said...

Hi Jerelene...your late summer garden looks off to a great start...Linda's cute gift to Sam was special...and your morning glory seems to be glowing with sunshine from the center. Enjoy your day!


Eileen said...

Really pretty Morning Glory!

And thanks so much for letting us know about Linda too!
I'm glad to hear she'll be posting again soon too.
She is a sweetheart and I love the things she sent you and Sam too!

Really nice post, Jerelene, it's always good to hear from you.
And YES, I'll pen-pal again, it's fun!
Love to you, Eileen

Rebecca. Harlan, IN said...

How beautiful - the morning glory! Reminds me that things don't always happen on "our" schedules - but in God's time. There's even a little more thrill involved when it happens at His time....If I could just remember that :)

It was good to hear of your most recent happiness and happenings.

Diana said...

Hi Jerelene,
I'm so happy that you spoke to Linda and that she is home! Thanks so much for letting us know.
I love the Morning Glories too. Mine keep coming up all over the place. Yours is so beautiful. Enjoy your beautiful bounty Jerelene!
I will pen pal again too.
Love Di

Terrie said...

Hi Jerelene. Thanks for the note on my blog and you're welcome to visit anytime. I have added your blog to follow and I'm looking forward to checking in regularly. I could always use another friend!