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Monday, October 12, 2009

A lovely monday!

Happy Monday Evening!!
I hope everyone had a wonderful day and that the sun was shining where you are!! It actually was shining here...and it was wonderful :) We've had so much rain here lately, that it was truly a blessing to see the beautiful sun shining in the sky!!
Our school day was a good one, and we even took a lunch break to meet my Mom and her friend out for mexican food. Sam is doing well and is moving along nicely on the cello. It is so fun getting my violin out and playing along with him..I LOVE it!!
We had a nice supper of chili (with our garden tomatoes and bell peppers.) It was yummy! We had some yummy cookies for dessert. It's been such a nice day here :)

I had a busy Sunday....working on something I wanted to do....and it was very nice!! I had saw a quilted scarf on another blog...and thought to myself that I would like to try my hand at it. I had a lot of fun with it! It is big....but I wanted it to be big and warm where you could really wrap up in it. It is really quilted, with batting on the inside and yummy corduroy on the back. I used the cutest little swirly floral stitch to quilt it.. I think it turned out really well and this was a starter for me...I hope to make some with snowman fabric and maybe something boyish for Sam...Elizabeth loves the orange...so this may end up going to her....Sarah loves pink....I think it would even be cute to put pockets on the bottoms with fleece lining....The ideas are endless for me! I can't wait!!
It's wrapped twice around Sarah's neck...so you can see it's pretty long...I haven't officially measured it yet...but I'm 5' 2 and when I held it up from the floor I held it over my head. It is so cozy and warm though. I can't wait to make more!! Have a Happy Night :)
I want to feel little,
more simple, more mild.
More like our blest parents,
and more like a child.
More thankful, more humble,
more lowly in mind,
More watchful, more pray'rful,
more loving and kind. Anonymous
With Love, Jerelene


Teacher's Pet said...

The quilted scarf is so pretty, Jerelene. What a neat idea.
I'll be right over!! Uhmmm...chili...AND cookies!
You tempt me...and I smile. I love chili....but never use 'fresh' ingredients (not that I use spoiled ones!..:)) ) I used canned tomatoes, etc...and I know that yours is delish to the max.
I've missed you. Give Sam a hug for me.

Eileen said...

Oh, I really like that little poem at the end of your post as I've been feeling exactly like that lately! I've been kind of melancholy lately while at the same time joyful ~ does that make any sense? I don't know what's the matter with me lately, I mean I feel so Blessed, and yet I feel a longing for ~ what? I don't know!

Anyway, I loved this post and I love how talented, and creative, and artistic you are!! That scarf is so beautiful! It looks like it should be framed! And I love the idea of pockets! You are a practical artist!
I'd love to hear both you and Sam play sometime, maybe you could do a little blog concert for us one day! EXCITING!

Your food all looks delicious too!
I've been finding lots of recipes on blogs for my slow-cooker and my family is loving it! My oldest son said he wanted to get on my blog and thank all the other bloggers for inspiring me to cook again!

Nice visiting with you, Jerelene, 'wish we could do it in person!
Love you lots!, Eileen

Bernie said...

Your day did sound wonderful...and I love the scarf. My but you are creative.
I would of enjoyed that chili today when I came in from my walk in the snow.
Hugs to Sam......:-)

Rebecca. Harlan, IN said...

Everything about your day sounded wonderful! The scarf is lovely & I'm like you - I like 'em to be large enough to wrap up in.

The poem is perfect - simple and calm. Just how I want to be. Thanks for posting it, Jerelene.

Diana said...

Hi Jerelene,
That chili looked soooo delicious! And I love the quilted scarf, nice idea. They would make nice Christmas gifts! BTW I didn't get your email again. Love Di

Wanda said...

It certainly is chili weather time...chili was a specialty of my mother's. She also quilted for everyone...just like you Jerelene. I love your quilted scarf!

Now I learn you play the violin...nice thing to do with Sam!

Have a warm cozy day Jerelene,

Fifi said...

Yummy that chili dish looks deelish! You clever girl, the scarf turned out beautifully!

Jill said...

Ok, that chili looks absolutely delicious!!! Yum, yum! Love the cute scarf you made! I wish I was crafty like that. Too cute!